Cave Drawings

Cave Drawings

"Du hast den Titel nochmal geändert, stimmts?"

"Ja, ich habe immer gedacht "Ancient News" wäre gut. Aber das war mir dann zu allgemein. "Cave Drawings" ist ein Element von "Ancient News". Diese Serie hat sich während der Arbeit mehr und mehr mit Textschnipseln aus Knausgaards Buch über die Engel verbunden. In "A Time for Everything" beschreibt er sehr schön Teile des Alten Testaments neu. Kain und Abel, Eden, die Sintflut und Noahs Arche sind Themen. "

Over by the wall he saw some shadows moving. Hardly surprising he hadn´t seen them, he thought, and called to them. ‘Hello?’ he shouted. ‘Who are you, and what do you want at this time of night?’

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Although darkness still cannot be seen ... he has no difficulty making out the cherubim´s flames from the surrounding daylight.

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‘One day soon I´ll go there,’ he says. ‘Where?’ asks Cain. ‘To Eden.’ ‘You know you can´t,’ says Cain. ‘We´ve have been forbidden.’ ‘“Been forbidden”?’

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Throughout all these centuries the cherubim´s flames continued to glow above the hills in the west. To the people there they were as familiar as the sun or moon or stars, and they considered them to be as permanent. But one day they simply vanished.

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It was the autumn the river brook its banks, after the rain had fallen continuously day and night for month, early on a morning which began like most mornings.

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This everlasting rain looked as if it would never stop.

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‘The world didn´t com to an end then, and it won´t now,’ he said. ‘We ought be able to put up with a bit of rain!’ Everyone agreed with this. They ought to be able to put up with a bit of rain.

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In the next few months they worked on the ark from early morning until late at night. But despite the fact that it rained constantly during this time, and the valley beneath them was slowly covered in water, the brothers continued to doubt their father´s words.

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Vast and gray, the sea lay all around them. Its glinting surface stretched away on all sides, gently curving towards the horizon, beneath the sky´s thick, dark cloud layer.

GULDEN, 2017-01-04-005  >>zum shop this where we are? It wasn´t that she´d thought she was somewhere else, just that she´d assumed it quite unconsciously. When she glanced up, it was the valley she´d expectet to see. Or the summer farm. Or the waterfall. Or even the mountain from the day before.

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The ship was ten yards off when Noah came out. They saw him quite clearly. He was dressed in white, and his skin was white, and he stood in the stern looking down at them.

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‘Noah!’ Anna shouted. ‘You must save us! Save us, Noah!’
Noah remained motionless where he stood. He just stared at them.

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All quotes taken from:
Karl Ove Knausgaard
„A Time for Everything“
Portobello Books 2015
12 Addison Avenue
W11 4 QR
English translation copyright ® James Anderson 2008
ISBN 978 1 84627 591 3
eISBN 978 1 84627 592 0
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neue Methoden ohne Denken, Wollen und Hinzutun